Beach Diving, Swimming w/ Sea Turtles, & Boat Diving in Guam


On this beginner-friendly experience, try both beach diving and boat diving. Dive into sparkling blue waters, beneath which plenty of colorful fish and sea turtles await — have fun swimming with them! You can also rent a GoPro to capture the memory.


  • Learn to dive under the guidance of a licensed instructor
  • Explore waters filled with colorful, diverse marine life — including sea turtles
  • Free transfer between your hotel and the venue
  • Rent a GoPro to capture this picture-perfect experience
  • Japanese support available — Japanese-speaking staff on-site

Key Information

Important Information

• Depending on staff availability, you may be assigned a guide who is not fluent in English; in that case, please speak in simple English • Japanese-speaking staff are present on-site • Fish bait and anti-seasickness medicine are available for sale at 2 USD and 1 USD respectively; please pay in cash on-site • Valuables may be stored for free in on-site lockers • For GoPro rentals (available as an add-on at checkout), footage will be sent to your phone. You may also bring an SD card, if you prefer


The island paradise of Guam is ideal for outdoor activities and water sports. With crystal-clear waters teeming with diverse marine life, no Guam trip is complete without spending some time in the water. Book this diving activity to spend a memorable, fun-filled day with sea turtles and colorful fish! Are you a total beginner at diving? Not to worry; this activity is the perfect crash course! With the help of a licensed professional, you’ll learn to dive from the shore (beach diving), as well as dive from a boat — which is usually easier and much more convenient. You’ll start with a basic diving lesson, then you’ll get enough time to practice. Once you’re ready, it’s time to head to the beach! You’ll visit a dive site where encounters with sea turtles are common. Get up close to these friendly sea creatures, and enjoy swimming with them. Rent a GoPro (available as an add-on) beforehand so that you can relive this memory over and over again!

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