Tottori Sand Dunes, Sand Museum and Uradome Coast Tour


On this tour, ride a safari on Tottori Sand Dunes and enjoy one of the most extraordinary scenes in Japan. Cruise along the Uradome Coast while marveling at its amazing geological features. Savor delicious seafood and grilled beef combo lunch!


  • Visit Tottori Sand Dunes, the largest sand dunes in Japan
  • Enjoy a spectacular view of the coast and beautiful sandy beaches
  • Relish a delicious lunch filled with seafood and grilled beef
  • Go to the the world’s first sand statue museum and admire various sand art works
  • Experience seasonal fruit peaking and shop for local specialities afterward

Key Information

Important Information

- A minimum number of 15 participants in total is required for this tour to go on (including non-Rakuten guests) - There is a minimum number of participants to confirm the tour departure. If the tour is not operating, we will make notification 14days ahead of the tour and make a full refund to participants - Tour guide staff speaks Japanese. Video translation or automatic translation machine will be used as language support. Written tour guide in English or traditional Chinese will also be given to participants on the day - Schedule may be changed or cut due to actual traffic condition or other uncontrollable incidents. Please kindly be noted - In the case of small number of participants, rental car may be arranged for tour departure - In the event that Uradome Coast Cruise is not operating due to weather condition, souvenirs will be given and no refund will be made - Pear picking is available for tours between late August and November only. If you are on tour outside of these months, the next stop on the itinerary will follow unless changes were made on site - Camel riding on Tottori Sand Dune costs extra 1300 JPY per person. There is a chance that camel is not available for riding - Shopping at Tofuchikuwa no Sato Chimura may be shortened depending on the situation on site - It is possible to request for a vegetarian meal, please inform us in advance


On this bus tour, you will get to enjoy all the top attractions in Tottori Prefecture. Departing from Osaka, you'll first arrive at Uradome Coast where you'll take the cruise and enjoy the incredible landscape at this UNESCO World Geo Park. From there, you will also pass by Uratomi Beach and see its rias coast stretching 15 kilometers from east to west. Formed from the fierce waves of the Japan Sea, admire the various geographical features in the area, including caves, tunnels, and sandy white beaches. As you cruise along, you can also feel the refreshing ocean breeze. Afterward, you will relish a delicious lunch and enjoy over ten types of seafood sashimi rice bowl and beef steak. When you've reenergized from that tasty meal, head over to Tottori's pride and joy, Tottori Sand Dunes. With a history of over a hundred years old, the sand dunes spread along the coastline of Tottori City and are part of the San-in Coast National Park. To top off your experience, enjoy a camel ride as you admire the vastness of the sand dunes. Nearby, visit the Sand Museum and browse through superb collection and displays of sand artworks can be seen in this museum. The sand arts are torn down and rebuilt regularly. These artworks also come with various themes, making them a must-see for all visitors. If you're joing the tour between August and November, you can try an all-you-can-pick and eat pear experience. Tottori Prefecture is famous for pears, especially a particular kind known as the "20th Century Pear." This pear boasts over 100 years of history. Before returning to Osaka, your last stop will be Tofu-chikuwa store. Here, you can try Tofu-chikuwa," a local snack made by mixing fish and tofu. This local food has a rather long history dating back to the Edo Period. Not only is it eaten as daily food, but it's also served during shrine ceremonies in Tottori or weddings.

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