Mt Fuji Cherry Blossom Sightseeing Highlights Tour


Marvel at stunning views of Mt Fuji and cherry blossoms this spring! Join a tour of the quintessential cherry blossoms spots around Mt Fuji, enjoy a Yamanashi prefecture specialty lunch, and take a ropeway to breathtaking sights.


  • Have fun ascending Mt Tenjo on the famous kachi-kachi ropeway
  • Climb to Arakura Sengen Shrine for the iconic five-storied pagoda
  • Soak in the stunning cherry blossom scenery of Oshino Hakkai village
  • Enjoy the Yamanashi prefecture specialty dish of hoto noodles at Kawaguchiko Lakeside
  • Sit back and be driven up 2,400 meters to Mt Fuji’s 5th station

Key Information


Cherry blossom season in Japan is one of the most beautiful times of the year, as well as one of the most fleeting. The stunning pink blossoms usually last for only two weeks — from when their buds first open to when the blossoms fall from the trees — so while you’re in Japan, you’ll want to be sure to go to catch the best views of the season! Join this tour for a full day of visiting the most stunning spots to admire the beautiful cherry blossoms along with Japan’s other icon, the magnificent Mt Fuji. Meet your guide at Shinjuku Station and hop onto the bus to begin your tour! Your first stop will be the world-famous Arakura Sengen Shrine. The five-storied red pagoda against a backdrop of the snow-capped Mt Fuji is one of the most photographed views of Japan, yet seeing it in real life is an entirely different experience. Make your way up the 400 stone steps until you reach the famous sight. The view that awaits you at the top, coupled with the sea of pink cherry blossoms and the city below, will be the perfect picture and memory for you to take back home with you. Your second stop will be Lake Kawaguchiko, the second largest of the five famous lakes surrounding Mt Fuji. Enjoy a sweeping view of wide shimmering waters and the reflected view of the snow-capped Mt Fuji under clear skies. What makes this lake especially beautiful during spring are the 200 cherry blossoms planted along a 1 kilometer walkway. Relax to the view and enjoy a delicious lunch of Yamanashi prefecture’s specialty dish of ‘hoto’ — extra thick noodles and pumpkins cooked in a hearty, miso-based broth. With your stomach satisfied, you can then enjoy the famous kachi-kachi ropeway with its cute cartoon animals! Taking you 400 meters up to an observation deck at the top of Mt Tenjo, here you can catch some of the best panoramic views of Lake Kawaguchiko, Mt Fuji, and the surrounding cherry blossoms. Shop for some souvenirs or enjoy ice cream to the view before heading to the next destination: Oshino Hakkai Village. This idyllic and picturesque village is famous for the eight pools of clear water that come from a spring from Mt Fuji itself. The cerulean waters are so clear that you can even see fish swimming in them! Your final sightseeing spot will take you up part of Mt Fuji itself. Sit back in your seat as the bus drives you up the scenic Subaru Line to Mt Fuji’s 5th station — the last stop for those wishing to climb the mountain to stock up for their trek. The relaxed yet exciting atmosphere of this area is perfect to enjoy the vistas of mountains, lakes, and cherry blossoms below. Join this tour to see the best of Mt Fuji and cherry blossoms during this beautiful season. Book now!