Night view of Asakusa Sensouji temple.

Go On a Walking Tour to Discover Historical Tokyo!

Night view of Asakusa Sensouji temple.


In this tour, you will walk around historical and traditional sites of Tokyo with a local guide who speaks English.


  • Asakusa Sensouji temple is unique place that both Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine coexist in the same precincts and good to learn the difference of them. You can try various kind of Japanese food and sweets at Nakamise street, as well as other area in Asakusa.
  • The Meiji shrine, more than 3 million people visit for new year’s greeting. You will feel a special sacred Japanese atmosphere at the shrine. If you are lucky, you may come across a Japanese traditiional bridal procession at the precincts.
  • Hamarikyuu Garden built in Edo era. They say there used be more than 600~700 of Japanese gardens like this, but most of them were disappeared during the Meiji Era. Fortunately, this garden could remain with almost original landscape. So, many vestiges of old days can be seen throughout the garden.
  • Yanaka has a feeling of old downtown atmosphere with nostalgia. Wherever we walk, we come across temples. Why? A guide would like to answer it during the tour. Yanaka Cemetery is also interesting place to visit to know how Japanese people visit to worship their ancesters. Yanaka Ginza is small but charming shopping street for locals. It’s a fun to walk and eat delicious local foods.

Key Information

Important Information

* Meet at Asakusa, (in front of the Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center Building) Meeting spot is changeable according to your hotel location. In this case, a meeting splot will be informed. * Hotel pick-up service is available (option).


-This is a private tour only for you and your group. -We use public transport, such as JR line, subway line during the tour. -Meet at Asakusa, the first spot of the tour. -Hotel pick-up service is available (option) The tour itineray is as follows. * Asakusa area: The most popular and traditional spot in Tokyo. -Kaminarimon-gate (Gate of thunder) -Nakamise shopping street, selling many interesting items for souvenirs. -Sensouji-temple. - Asakusa shrine - Hoppy-street loved by locals. * Hamarikyuu trraditional Japanese style Garden: Typical garden of the feudal lord's residence during the Edo Era. Japanese maccha-tea service is available at the tea-house on the pond. * Yanaka area: Yanaka area is a downtown, a quite different from Tokyo city center. - Yanaka pubic cemetery - Yanaka Ginza * Meiji shrine: Built in 1920 for the Emperor Meiji and his consort. The biggest and important shrine in Tokyo. Finish the tour at the last spot or the nearest station. The necessary information how to return to your hotel will be given by the guide. If you'd like to visit other spots, please feel free to contact us.

How it works

We meet at Asakusa (or at your hotel) then move to the next destinations by public transportation. Finish the tour at the last sightseeing spot or the nearest station.

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