Take a Ghibli-Themed Online Tour Across Japan


In the comfort of your home, virtually explore various places in Japan that are said to have inspired the Ghibli films. This online tour will transport you to the magical world of Ghibli and provide fresh inspiration for your future trip to Japan!


  • Virtually explore Ghibli spots around Japan, from Hokkaido to Kagoshima
  • Explore two world heritage sites and discover the rich nature of Japan
  • Meet a local Ghibli fan — your guide — and share your love of Ghibli!
  • Get a list of the places covered — including cafes and restaurants — after the tour
  • Ask your guide anything, from Japan travel advice and more, after the tour

Key Information

Important Information

• All prices are per person: when booking, please select the actual number of people joining, regardless of the number of devices used • All times listed are in JST, Japan Standard Time (UTC +09:00); please book accordingly • This is a live online experience; participants should have a fast, stable internet connection • Please be sure to install Zoom on your device in advance • As Ghibli films are animated works of fiction, the real-life places you will explore on this tour may not look exactly the same as in the films • As the minimum number of participants for this tour is 1, you may be the only participant. Please let us know if you prefer to join the tour with other guests; we can advise you of alternative dates and times that other participants have signed up for • Please ensure your internet connection is fast enough for video calls; we cannot offer refunds in case of connectivity issues • Recording the experience or sharing the Zoom link with unregistered guests is strictly prohibited • Ages 0–3 are free of charge • Please be punctual. The tour will not be extended to accommodate latecomers. If you are late for 20 minutes or more, the tour may be canceled without refund


Love Studio Ghibli and its whimsical, gorgeously detailed films? Then this experience is not to be missed! Embark on an online Ghibli pilgrimage with a local fan in Japan, who will take you on a tour of Japan’s many beautiful Ghibli spots. Starting from Tokyo where the films were made, you’ll explore various places said to have inspired iconic scenes and landmarks in some of Ghibli’s most famous films. These locations include the forest in My Neighbor Totoro, Yubaba’s bathhouse in Spirited Away, the enchanted forest in Princess Mononoke, and so on. Over 75 minutes, you’ll virtually travel all over Japan: from Hokkaido up north to Yakushima Island down south in Kagoshima. Discover Japan’s rich, verdant nature that has inspired the many magical landscapes of the Ghibli films. You’ll also get to test your knowledge through fun trivia quizzes with other Ghibli fans, if there are other participants on your tour date. Feel inspired by what you see? At the end of the tour, your guide will share with you a list of the places that were covered, including Ghibli-themed cafes and restaurants. With this handy list, you can plan your own offline Ghibli pilgrimage when you get to visit Japan in person!

How it works

1. Please read the Important Information carefully before booking 2. Choose the number of participants who will join the experience 3. Choose your preferred date and time, in the time zone of the experience host: JST (UTC +09:00) 4. Your host will send the link for your online experience by email 5. Make sure you have the software, hardware, and any required items listed under What to Bring, plus a stable internet connection 6. Your guide will be in the meeting room 10 minutes before the tour; if you are unfamiliar with Zoom, we recommend that you enter the room early 7. Use the Zoom link provided to log in by the designated time

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