Ninja WiFi High-Speed Portable Router Rental


With pocket WiFi rental, Japan is your to explore with ease! Ninja WiFi gives you blazing fast internet in your pocket, at a flat daily rate with super simple setup and return. Book this portable WiFi now for a convenient, hassle-free time in Japan!


  • Convenient pick-up and return at multiple major airports across Japan
  • Flat rate per day, with unlimited data usage
  • Fast internet connection for your whole trip around Japan
  • Super-fast speeds, up to 187.5 Mbps for downloads and 37.5 Mbps for uploads


Using mobile internet overseas is one of the best ways to rack up a terrifying phone bill when you get home. Skip the wallet-ache and the stress of searching for (and connecting to) WiFi hotspots — rent one of Ninja WiFi's portable routers! Your pocket WiFi will be waiting for you at the airport, so you can get connected before you even reach your hotel. Ninja WiFi offers you a pocket-sized WiFi router with unlimited data at a flat daily rate. That means no stressing about running out of data just as your directions are about to load, and no sitting in silence on a long train because you can’t stream any music. Simply choose how long you want to rent your Ninja WiFi portable router, where you’ll be picking your pocket WiFi up, and where you’ll drop it off. Then, you’ll be all ready to go! You can even pick up and drop off your pocket WiFi at different locations to suit your itinerary. If you’re in a group or have multiple devices, Ninja WiFi will let you connect up to five devices to a single router for even better convenience and value. You can pick up and drop off your WiFi router at any of these major international airports in Japan: • Haneda Airport T2, 2F — 06:00–23:00 • Haneda Airport T3, 2F — 06:30–23:45 • Haneda Airport T3, 3F (JAL ABC counter) — 23:45–06:30 • Narita Airport T1 — 07:00–21:00 • Narita Airport T2 — 07:00–21:00 • Chubu Centrair Airport T1 — 06:45–22:00 • Chubu Centrair Airport T2 — 06:30–21:00 • Kansai International Airport T1 — 06:30–22:30 • Sendai Airport — 06:30–20:30 • Asahikawa Airport — 08:00–20:20 • New Chitose Airport International Terminal — 07:30–20:00 • New Chitose Airport Domestic Terminal — 07:30–20:00 • Fukuoka Airport — 07:30–21:30 • Komatsu Airport — 07:20–19:45 • Naha Airport— 07:30–21:00 (Please note that airport counters' operating hours are subject to change without prior notice.) In addition, you’ll get a booklet full of discount coupons for several major Japanese stores, including AEON, Tokyu Hands, Kintetsu Department Store, Matsumoto Kiyoshi, Don Quijote, Tobu Department Store, Kimono Rental Wargo, Quark, and NailQuick. Book a Ninja WiFi — probably the best pocket WiFi rental Japan has to offer!

How it works

Booking Your Ninja WiFi Portable Router 1) Please book the "1-Day Japan Portable WiFi Router Rental" option according to the number of days that you wish to rent the device. Pick-up and return dates are both counted as full days (with each day starting and ending at midnight); so please factor them into your rental plan. Please refer to the sample scenarios below: • If you book 1 rental day, you will have to pick up and return your pocket WiFi on the same day • Pick-up on May 1 and return on May 4 requires booking 4 rental days • Booking 3 days, with the first day being August 1, means that you must return the portable router by August 3 2) To book more than one device, please select the relevant add-ons. Please note that the rental period, as well as your chosen airports for pick-up and return, should be the same as the first device. If you will rent an additional device for a different duration, and/or you will pick up and return it at a different location from the first device, please place a new booking instead. 3) During checkout, you will be prompted to enter your flight details, chosen pick-up and return locations, and your pick-up and return dates 4) After our staff confirms that your requested dates match your booking, we will send a confirmation message with pick-up details. 5) On your pick-up date, simply inform your name and booking ID to the staff at your chosen airport counter to get connected. Enjoy using your Ninja WiFi portable router in Japan! 6) On your return date, drop your device off at your selected airport, and have a safe flight back