Ninja WiFi High-Speed Portable Router Rental


Don’t get left out of the loop. Stay connected in Japan with a portable WiFi router. Ninja Wifi gives you blazing fast internet in your pocket, at a flat daily rate with super simple setup and return.


  • Fast internet connection for your whole trip around Japan
  • Convenient pick-up and return locations at multiple airports
  • Flat rate per day with unlimited data usage
  • Super-fast speeds, up to 187.5Mbps download and 37.5Mbps upload

Key Information

Important Information

**Malfunction and Loss** • We will offer a free replacement if your rental device malfunctions • If the device is broken, please return all parts • Note that the device will be treated as lost if any parts are missing • Lost devices will incur a replacement fee • Late returns will require an extension fee - Both pick-up and return date are counted as full rental days. For example, pick-up on May 1 and return on May 4 would count as 4 rental days. For Narita Airport, please make sure to also specify Terminal 1 or 2. For Haneda Airport, please request a special counter if you’d like to pick up or return before 6:30 (am) or after 23:45.


Using mobile internet overseas is one of the best ways to rack up a terrifying phone bill when you get home. Skip the wallet-ache and the stress of searching for one of Japan’s rare WiFi hotspots: Have a pocket WiFi router waiting for you at the airport, so you can get connected before you even reach your hotel. Ninja WiFi offers you a pocket-sized WiFi router with unlimited data at a flat daily rate. That means no stressing about running out of data just as your directions are about to load, and no sitting in silence on a long train because you can’t stream any music. Simply choose how long you want to rent for, where you’ll be picking the router up, and where you’ll drop it off, and you’re ready to go. You can even pick up and drop off at different locations to suit your itinerary. If you’re in a group or have multiple devices, Ninja WiFi will let you connect up to five devices to a single router for even better convenience and value. In addition, you’ll get a booklet full of discount coupons for several major Japanese stores, including: - AEON - Tokyu Hands - Kintetsu Department Store - Matsumoto Kiyoshi - Don Quijote - Tobu Department Store - Kimono Rental Wargo - Quark - NailQuick You can pick up the WiFi router at one of these major international airports in Japan or from the counter in Shinjuku: **Airport Counters** ・Haneda Airport, International Terminal, 2nd floor: 6:30–23:45 ・Narita Airport, Terminal 1, North Wing, 1st floor (pickup): 6:30–last flight arrival ・Narita Airport, Terminal 1, North/South Wing, 4th floor (return): 7:00–21:00 ・Narita Airport, Terminal 2, 1st floor (pickup): 6:30–last flight arrival ・Narita Airport, Terminal 2, 3rd floor (return): 7:00–21:00 ・Chubu International Airport, 2nd Floor, Access Plaza: 7:00–22:00 ・ Chubu International Airport Terminal 2, 2nd Floor, Departure Lobby: 6:30–21:00 ・Kansai International Airport, Terminal 1, 1st Floor: 7:00–22:00 ・Kansai International Airport, Terminal 2, 1st Floor: 6:30–23:00 ・Asahikawa Airport Arrival Lobby (1F) General Information Counter ・New Chitose Airport, Domestic Terminal, 1st Floor: 7:30–20:00 ・New Chitose Airport, International Arrival Lobby, 2nd Floor: 7:30–20:00 ・Fukuoka Airport, International Terminal, 1st Floor: 7:30–21:30 ・Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport 1st Floor Arrival Lobby Travel Agency Organization Counter ・Naha Airport International Terminal 1st Arrival Lobby: 9:00–21:00 ・Sendai International Airport, 1st Floor, Arrival Lobby: 6:30–20:30 ・Komatsu Airport, 1st Floor, Domestic Arrival Lobby: 7:20–19:45 **WiFi Office Counter** ・Shinjuku Office Counter (Tokyo), Higashi-Shinjuku KDX Building 5th floor: 10:00–18:00 (Weekdays only)

How it works

**Booking** 1. Choose an option to match the number of full or partial rental days you want. Pick-up and return dates are both counted as full days (for example, pick-up on May 1 and return on May 4 requires booking 4 rental days) 2. To book more than one device, please place a separate order. (1 device per 1 order) 3. During checkout, fill in the Additional Info box with your flight details, chosen pick-up and return locations, and date confirmation 4. After our staff confirms that your requested dates match the option you booked, we will send a message to confirm your order with pick-up details — then just give your name and order ID to the counter staff to get connected! **For rentals beyond 21 days** We offer a 10-day, 20-day, and 30-day add-on option. To rent a device for longer than 21 days, select the rental and add-on option combination that totals the number of days you need.

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