Wings of Time Singapore E-Ticket


Spend an evening in Sentosa mesmerized by Wings of Time Singapore, the award-winning off-shore night show that dazzles with fountains, lasers, pyrotechnics, and majestic music. A spectacular show for all ages and nationalities!


  • TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence and #1 show on Sentosa Island
  • The world’s first permanent night show set in the open sea
  • A heartwarming story brought to life with ambitious 3D projection mapping
  • Discount ticket valid for all nationalities

Important Information

- Showtimes: 7:40 pm, 8:40 pm - Duration: 20 minutes - Wheelchair accessible seats are available at the front row (not applicable for premium seats) of the Wings of Time seating gallery. - Seat is based on first come first serve - An electronic voucher will be sent to you to be exchanged at the redemption point located at Wings of Time concourse (in front of Fun Shop) between 5pm and 1 hour prior to the show timing


Produced by the world-famous event company ECA2, Wings of Time tells the story of Shahbaz, a birdy creature belonging to the prehistoric era. The story follows the creature’s adventures with two modern teens searching for a home. Along the way, they come across magical locations around the world, transporting you to a mystical realm, showcasing a journey unlike any other. This magnificently choreographed show presents a great cast, a phenomenal storyline, and interesting effects to keep you captivated and entertained, while Silosa’s beachy scenery is enough to take you into la-la land. And if you’re still waiting to be mystified, the 3D video mapping, robotic fountains and pyrotechnic effects ensure that you’re always left in a daze, still not believing the magic that just took place right in front of your eyes. The Journey This 25-minute show is projected onto geometric panels featuring pyrotechnics and robotic fountains. Precise laser beams shoot from behind the screen, fooling your eyes, making them believe that its broad daylight, or that everything you’re seeing is actually happening for real! Shahbaz wakes up from his slumber much like a hero from one of those larger-than-life movies and swoops across different eras of time, from the Silk Road and the Industrial Revolution all the way to the African Savannah. The story seems magical and adventurous, but it also highlights essential aspects of life – friendship and courage. Whether or not the teens find true friendship and whether Shahbaz really finds his way home – the answers to these questions are always best seen and experienced. The Cast The cast essentially involves three superstars, Shahbaz, Rachel, and Felix. Shahbaz is the creature who just wakes up after millennia-long slumber and only wants to find his way back home. Rachel plays the role of a fearless and energetic teen who seeks adventure and joins Shahbaz on his journey around time. Felix is Rachel’s absolute opposite. He comes across as a conservative fellow who isn’t really sure of himself, well, that’s until he meets Shahbaz. The Music The music being played at the show also has a catchy tune, one that somehow keeps playing at the back of your head, making you relive your experience time and again. There may be nothing Singaporean about the tune – it has a modern English feel to it – but perhaps that’s the main reason why it manages to appeal to an international audience. This night adventure is the perfect way to complete your journey at Sentosa. The outdoor night show mesmerizes you with its awe-inspiring dance of fire, water, lasers, and music, perhaps reminding you for the last time just how special every trip to Sentosa really is.

How it works

1. Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive a booking confirmation email from Rakuten Travel Experiences 2. Please make a reservation show date and time in before your visit to Wings of Time Singapore 2. Please present either mobile or printed voucher at Wings of Time concourse (in front of Fun Shop)

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