Treetop Fun or Bamboo Crafts & Woodstove Cooking in a Forest


Have fun in a forest in Minokamo City, Gifu Prefecture! Choose from two options: have treetop adventures on an aerial obstacle course, or make a bamboo bowl and chopsticks, and use them at lunch after cooking rice on a traditional wood-burning stove.


  • Enjoy high-flying thrills with the treetop adventure option
  • Make a bamboo dish and chopsticks with the crafts and lunch
  • Lunch option includes cooking rice with a traditional “kamado” stove
  • Eat lunch using your own handmade dish and chopsticks
  • Enjoy your activities in one of Gifu’s tranquil woodlands

Key Information


Spend a thrilling day in a forest! Minokamo Health Forest, tucked away in Minokamo City, is a scenic spot filled with greenery and fun. Admire the pleasant view and the tranquil ambiance as you engage in a variety of fascinating activities. You can choose from two back-to-nature activities here: the Treetop Adventure Option, or the Satoyama Bamboo Crafts & Lunch Option. In Satoyama Bamboo Crafts & Lunch, you’ll fashion useful ware out of bamboo, a traditional handicraft material. Craft your own dish and chopsticks — enjoy working with your hands as you shape bamboo logs to your liking. Then, make a fire in a traditional “kamado” wood-burning stove and cook rice on it. Use your newly made bamboo dish and chopsticks to enjoy a generous serving of warm rice and soup for lunch. Alternatively, in the Treetop Adventure activity, you’ll cross rope ladders and conquer other obstacles in an exciting treetop adventure. Get a thrill out of the elevated obstacles, which become more challenging as you charge forward. Aim for the goal and have fun! Lunch includes rice and soup