Mt. Fuji Sightseeing Tour + Stay at Fuji Milkland


This is a trip where you enjoy rich nature doing sports such as cycling, hiking, hang glider at Asairi Kogen. You can also enjoy a magnificent view of Mt. Fuji from your private room in Milkland. Enjoy a barbecue or your own handmade ice-cream.


  • Visit Fujinomiya Sengen Taisha, the head shrine of all the Sengen Taisha shrines nationwide, Mt. Fuji World Heritage Center and Shiraito Waterfall — all are must-see tourist destinations
  • Try outdoor sports including cycling, hang gliding or jogging at Asagiri Kogen
  • Enjoy Bayern Meister Bier, an authentic beer brewed by a German after your work out or try Japanese Sake at Fujimasa Shuzou.
  • The rich nature around will make you feel relaxed and energized
  • Have a barbecue or experience cheese making at the factory and enjoy fresh ice cream

Key Information

Important Information

Please understand that in booking this activity, we may share your booking information (but without individually identifiable data) to the Ministry of the Environment, with which this activity is affiliated. By making a booking, you signify that you agree to these terms.


The facilities in the resort are lodge types. Equipment is available if you wish to cook your meals yourself. Enjoy some relaxing time during your stay. You will have free time on the second day of this tour. If you would like to stay longer, please let us know. Please be aware that only ingredients are provided on this tour. If you want to cook, you need to do it yourself. Please book the ingredients directly from the next morning breakfast when you check-in or via phone in advance. This service is via reservation only. You can order or cancel until 16:00, three days prior to the tour. Any cancelations after that day are not accepted. Please make your payment at the counter of the Restaurant & Cafe during your stay. Breakfast Set: for 1 \850 Milk (180ml) bread, ham, salad, fruits, jam, tea etc. Fresh ingredients from locals will be delivered to your room in the early evening the day before. Dinner: BBQ on the grass with the view of Mt. Fuji or Japanese hotpot (nabe) in your room. All the prices down below are for one person. BBQ Set: Fujinomiya yakisoba, sausages, fresh vegetables from Asagiri Kogen \1,650 Shabu-shabu (Pork): Pork 150g, homemade cheese/, fresh vegetables from Asagiri Kogen, boiled udon Mentsuyu; noodle soup base, spices for udon noodles \2,650 Shabu-shabu (Beef): Beef, homemade cheese, fresh vegetables from Asagiri Kogen Boiled Udon/ Mentsuyu; noodle soup base, spices for udon noodles, pickles \3,150 Hotpot Set: miso, milk hotpot, koshu hoto, ice ball, pickles \1,350 Others: Rainbow trouts from Fujinomiya \400, 2 rice balls and pickles \350 Reservations for the ingredients are bought in a market next to the accommodation. Let us know if you need a guide.

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