Taipei Wulao Guo Double-Sided Hotpot E-Vouchers


Dine at one of Taiwan's most popular hotpot restaurants: Wulao Guo, also known as Elixir Health. It's known for its creamy tofu broth base; it's so silky that it's also called "ice cream tofu." Book now to get course meals for groups of two or four!


  • Get vouchers for double-sided hotpot course meals at Wulao Guo for groups of 2 or 4
  • Available for all 4 branches in Taipei, all centrally located and near MRT stations
  • Try both of Wulao Guo's broth bases: its signature creamy layered tofu and spicy 'mala'
  • Indulge in a variety of meats, seasonal vegetables, and other fresh delicious ingredients
  • A must-dine restaurant when in Taipei, especially if you love hotpot-style dining

Key Information

Important Information

• If certain dishes or ingredients are unavailable on the day of your visit, they may be substituted with other dishes or ingredients of a similar price range - As we use ginseng for one of our broth bases and Jiaogulan tea, we do not recommend dining at Wulao Guo while pregnant. If you still wish to dine at Wulao Guo, we can replace the soup base or type of tea upon request; however, please consult with a doctor beforehand to be sure, and please inform us that you are pregnant upon visiting. We will not be held liable for any incidents - If you wish to upgrade from creamy tofu broth to ginseng-infused creamy tofu broth, there will be a surcharge of 120 TWD per set - Extra charges apply for each additional guest. For the third (for a 2-person package) or fifth (for a 4-person set) guest onward, the following charges apply per guest. Please note that these rates also apply to children with a height of 141 cm or taller: - Creamy tofu broth: 149 TWD - Creamy tofu broth infused with ginseng: 179 TWD - Spicy Wulao broth: 139 TWD - If the third (for a 2-person package) or fifth (for a 4-person set) guest onward is a child who is 110–140 cm tall, the following charges apply per guest (note that the ginseng-infused creamy tofu broth is not available for children): - Creamy tofu broth: 88 TWD - Spicy Wulao broth: 68 TWD - If the additional guest is a child below 110 cm tall, they may dine for free - All additional fees listed above must be paid on-site


Feast on the flavors of Taipei at Wulao Guo (also known as "Elixir Health"), one of Taipei's best and most famous hotpot restaurants! Wulao Guo has four branches, all centrally located near some of Taipei's major MRT stations. It's said to be one of the restaurants that sparked the trend of collagen-rich soup in East and Southeast Asia. Wulao Guo's signature broth base is its creamy layered tofu — so silky that it's called "ice cream tofu"! Its spicy Sichuan-style 'mala' broth is also a hit among diners. You can get the best of both worlds with Wulao Guo's double-sided hotpot. Dip some meats, vegetables, and other ingredients into both sides, and taste the difference once everything is ready — it'll be like a yin-yang of flavors and spices! Book with us to get hotpot course meals for groups of two or four. All packages include a selection of meat portions, other ingredients, seasonal vegetables, and 'youtiao' (fried dough crullers). (Please see the Menu section for more details.) What's more, for a small extra fee, you can have ginseng added to the creamy layered tofu broth base for some extra flavor! - All menus listed here are as of January 2021 - The menu is subject to change without prior notice # Double-Sided Hotpot Course Meal for 2 • Double-sided hotpot (creamy layered tofu and spicy mala broth bases) • USDA beef • Pork shoulder • Assorted meatballs and meat paste • Seasonal vegetables • 'Youtiao' (fried dough crullers) # Double-Sided Hotpot Course Meal for 4 • Double-sided hotpot (creamy layered tofu and spicy mala broth bases) • Boneless short rib • Selection of USDA beef • Selection of pork shoulder • Platter of assorted seafood • Assorted meatballs and meat paste • Tofu, sliced thinly into sheets • Seasonal vegetables • 'Youtiao' (fried dough crullers)

How it works

1) Select your preferred branch, package, time, and date 2) Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email with a QR code, which serves as your e-voucher 3) Your e-voucher is fixed-date, for a fixed time; it is only valid for the time, date, and branch indicated on it. It is non-cancellable, non-refundable, and non-transferrable; also, it cannot be used with other discounts 4) On the day of your booking, please arrive on time. If you arrive late, Wulao Guo staff might not extend your time limit 5) Present your e-voucher with QR code (printed or displayed on your smartphone) 6) The time limit for dining is 1½ hours

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