Itosho Vegetarian Kaiseki Restaurant Reservation in Azabu


Itosho offers a truly memorable culinary experience of the Japanese Zen Buddhist tradition. For vegetarians, vegans, and those who prefer a macrobiotic diet, the exquisite shojin-ryori (temple cuisine) at Itosho is a delight to the senses.


  • Dine on exquisite shojin-ryori kaiseki cuisine
  • Treat yourself to gastronomic delights at one of Tokyo's best vegetarian restaurants
  • Enjoy a secluded and intimate atmosphere in Azabujuban
  • Secure your seats easily by booking online
  • Enjoy multilingual customer support from Rakuten Travel Experiences

Important Information

• Please allow at least 2 business days for us to confirm your booking • Seating will be randomly assigned; we cannot accommodate seating requests • Package info is for reference only; the menu is subject to change due to seasonal availability • Children are welcome • Casual attire is permitted Activity Rules - If the number of guests on your booking date does not match the given information at the time of booking, the restaurant may refuse service without refund - Smoking is prohibited inside the restaurant


Snag a reservation at Itosho, an acclaimed shojin-ryori restaurant in Azabujuban on the edge of Roppongi, Tokyo. Shojin-ryori is Japanese vegetarian cuisine that has been a part of the Zen Buddhist tradition for centuries. In fact, much of the artistry and exquisite preparation of kaiseki and kappo dining originates with shojin-ryori. Today, the cuisine is famed around the world for its healthy and well-balanced dishes using no meat, fish, eggs, or dairy. At Itosho, owner and chef Ito Hiroharu prepares and serves elegant, flavorful, and seasonal temple cuisine. His signature dish “shojin age” consists of deep-fried morsels of vegetables and tofu frosted with tiny beads of mochi (glutinous rice), with just a dash of salt. The flavors are simple yet profound — the very essence of shojin-ryori. Feast on fresh bamboo rice, vegetable rice balls, and porridge. Try out sumptuous summer sushi, which is made of high-quality tofu and burdock root. Indulge in delicately arranged vegetarian dishes served in a bento box. **Shojin Ryori Kaiseki Course Menu** Dinner with 1 complimentary drink - Coffee, black tea, or matcha - Appetizers - Soup - Side dishes - Tempura - Vegetable platter - Buckwheat noodles - Braised vegetables - Vegetable and tofu sushi - Rice - Miso soup - Pickled vegetables - Fruit Please note that the menu is for reference only

How it works

- When booking, please select the number of guests, as well as your preferred course, date, and time - Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive your e-voucher together with your confirmation email - Your e-voucher is for a fixed date and time - On the day of your booking, please arrive on time and present your passport and e-voucher (printed or displayed on your smartphone)

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