Let's Relax Spa: Book a Thai Massage in Bangkok, Thailand


Visit Let's Relax Spa and experience an authentic Thai massage. We offer 5 therapeutic plans at 4 Let's Relax branches in central Bangkok. Take your pick, and enjoy your massage — there's nothing like unwinding after a long day of traveling!


  • Get an authentic Thai massage at Let's Relax Spa, one of Thailand's best spa chains
  • Over 6 million satisfied customers in Let's Relax's 20+ years of existence — be one of them!
  • Take your pick from 5 relaxing massage plans according to your preferences
  • All 4 branches conveniently located in central Bangkok

Key Information

Important Information

• E-vouchers are only valid for the following Let's Relax branches in Bangkok: MBK Center, The Allez Sukhumvit 13, Sukhumvit 31, and The Market Bangkok Activity Rules - Children aged 0–6, pregnant women, and guests with rashes and skin diseases may not book a massage at Let's Relax - Your e-voucher is fixed-date; once your booking is confirmed, you will not be able to change the date or cancel - For the 1-hour foot massage, a minimum of 2 participants is required for us to accept your booking - Please print your e-voucher - Please arrive 15 minutes before your reservation starts - If you are late for 15 minutes or more, your reservation will be forfeited; no refunds will be issued


Book a Thai massage session at Let's Relax Spa in Bangkok — the perfect way to pamper yourself after a full day of exploring in hot and sunny Thailand! Rakuten Travel Experiences offers e-vouchers valid for four Let's Relax branches located in central Bangkok. From traditional Thai massage to soothing aromatherapy, choose among five plans — all of which guarantee ultimate relaxation! Established in 1998, Let's Relax is a chain of spas across Thailand. With 20 branches in Bangkok, it has served over 6 million customers since its inception. With a variety of massage treatments, Let's Relax is one of Thai's best and most popular spas. The following plans are available as part of this offer: Plan 1: Thai Massage (2 Hours) If you're looking for something traditional and authentic, go for this best-selling plan. Thai massage combines acupressure, stretching, and Chinese and Indian techniques. This is an oil-free treatment; you will put on comfortable massage wear and lie on a mat. After your massage, staff will apply Let's Relax's signature cooling oil. You won't need to take a shower afterward; the cooling oil will be enough to freshen you up. Plan 2: Foot Massage (1 Hour) This popular massage is perfect for those on their toes all day — for instance, after a long day of traveling. Sit and relax as Let's Relax staff ease away your fatigue with ancient massage techniques. This massage will not only relieve tension and pain in your lower legs; it can also improve circulation. By targeting reflex zones on the feet, it is also said to promote oxygenation and help treat illnesses. For this plan, a minimum of 2 participants is required for us to accept your booking. Plan 3: Dream Massage (1.5 Hours) If you don't have time for the works, but you find an hour-long massage too short, this plan is a great compromise! This full-body massage consists of a 45-minute foot massage, a 15-minute hand reflexology massage, and a 30-minute back-and-shoulder massage. This plan is highly recommended for those who want to relieve stress, revitalize the body, and experience reflexology! For this plan, a minimum of 2 participants is required for us to accept your booking. Plan 4: Aroma Oil Massage (1 Hour) In this Swedish treatment, staff will massage your pressure points while applying fragrant essential oils from herbs and flowers. This highly rewarding massage can improve blood circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system. Plan 5: Four-Hands Thai Massage (1 Hour) Combining acupressure with gentle stretching, this relaxing traditional Thai massage is performed by two therapists (hence the "four hands" in the name). Like Plan 1, this is an oil-free massage; you will put on comfortable massage wear and lie on a mat. Many guests say that this is even better than a regular Thai massage, so it's definitely a must-try! Book now to get a first-rate massage at a reasonable price!

How it works

1. Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email with an e-voucher 2. On your booking date, arrive 15 minutes before your reservation starts 3. Present a printed copy of your e-voucher and a valid identification document with a photo at the reception counter

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