Luxury Kaiseki Lunch With Arita Ware and Gen-emon Kiln Tour


Have an exquisite kaiseki meal in a restaurant owned by an antiques dealer. Served on Arita ware, lunch is made from rich local ingredients, perfectly complemented by Japan's finest porcelain. Afterward, visit Gen-emon Kiln to learn about porcelain.


  • Meet the owner, view his prized collection, and buy some antiques if you like
  • Visit Gen-emon Kiln to see where some of the tableware used during the lunch is produced
  • Feast on an exquisite kaiseki lunch prepared by a local chef
  • Admire an impressive selection of Arita ware representing different periods and styles
  • Learn about each piece of Arita ware in detail while dining in a private room used for tea ceremonies

Key Information

Important Information

• The activity is open to guests aged 7 or older • Children aged 0–6 may accompany guests for free, but will not be served lunch


Arita ware, Japan's finest type of porcelain, has captivated not only the Japanese, but also Westerners since the Edo period (1603–1867). The town of Arita — for which this porcelain was named — has produced countless masterpieces throughout the centuries. Exported to Europe by the Dutch East India Company, Arita ware became a status symbol for wealthy Europeans. In this activity, you'll visit the Kyushu Ceramic Museum then have a special kaiseki (multi-course traditional Japanese fine dining) lunch by an experienced local chef. The meal will take you back to Arita ware's origin. The venue, Yasuna, is specially selected for its treasure trove of beautiful dishes. The kaiseki meal will use pieces of Arita ware, representing different styles and time periods — from the Edo period, to the Meiji era, to the present. Owned by an antiques dealer and collector, Yasuna is a virtual paradise for antique lovers. Countless unique pieces of Arita ware are displayed in the owner's private showroom. After the meal, you'll have time to look at and purchase these rare items. Accompanying you for the meal is a knowledgeable guide that will explain the tableware used, as well as the Arita ware on display. Relish and savor the cuisine, while appreciating the beauty of Arita porcelain. After lunch, you will tour Gen-emon Kiln, the maker of some of the unique tableware used during your meal. Enter the studio and see its artisans at work. On special occasions, you will also see the studio's wood-fire kiln. Collaborations featuring the finest cuisine and Arita porcelain are very rare, so this is a precious opportunity for an exquisite lunch in which you can enjoy both the food and Arita's masterpieces. You’ll be guided by a Japanese speaker from overseas, to better help you interact with and understand the artisans and citizens of Arita. In this way we aim to meet the diverse needs of our guests — please feel free to consult with us.

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