Hida-Furukawa & Mt. Anbou Ebike & Hike Private Tour in Gifu


On this leisurely tour of old-school Hida-Furukawa, ride past the rice paddies of a 'satoyama' (Japanese countryside), well-preserved townscapes, and other charming sights. Cycle up Mt. Anbou, have lunch atop the mountain, then hike your way down.


  • Cycle through the idyllic Gifu countryside on a stylish, functional e-bike
  • Get a glimpse of the local lifestyle as you ride past well-preserved traditional townscapes
  • Cycle and hike Mt. Anbou, and, if the weather permits, see the Hakusan Mountains and Northern Alps in the distance
  • Enjoy a boxed lunch made with fresh local ingredients — specialties of the Hida region
  • Learn about Hida-Furukawa's ancient history as a castle town during the Warring States Period

Key Information


On this cycling and hiking tour, you'll step back in time as you explore Hida-Furukawa, a former castle town during Japan's Warring States Period (1467–1615). To this day, this quaint town boasts well-preserved townscapes dotted with traditional storefronts, paved paths, clear-watered canals with carps swimming through them, and more. It's also surrounded by nature, so you can get a glimpse of the 'satoyama' (traditional Japanese countryside) here.