Snow Cycling in Mount Nasu


Dash through the snow on your bike and cycle around Mount Nasu in Nikko! Ride to the summit of the snowy ski slope and be rewarded with an astounding landscape filled with views of the Kanto Plains and the Nasu mountain range.


  • Visit the only place in the Kanto region to experience cycling on snow
  • Enjoy cycling against a backdrop of snow-capped roads and lush mountains
  • Marvel at the sight of the Nasu mountain range from about 1,400 meters above sea level
  • Besides cycling, you can have fun playing in the snow!
  • Discover the limitless beauty of nature as you ride through the landscapes of Japan’s National Parks

Key Information


In this guided cycling tour, you’ll first take the gondola to the summit of the ski slope. From the gondola, the scenery of the mountains and seasonal flowers will take your breath away. At the summit, there is a vast flat area where you can ride your bike. Be prepared to get an unbeatable scenery of the forest below at the open panoramic point, all while sipping a nice cup of coffee available at the summit. Ride to your heart’s content at any speed as the bicycles run stably on snow. Beginners can readily take part as a guide will be assisting you throughout. Mount Nasu refers to a group of five volcanoes, also known as Nasu Five Peaks. It is listed as one of the 100 Famous Japanese Mountains. Bordering Tochigi and Fukushima, Mount Nasu has an unbeatable view of the Kanto Plains and the Nasu mountain range about 1,400 meters above sea level! Stop a little, catch your breath and play in the snow around you. Choose from a Kona fat bike, a Cannondale fat bike or a trek mountain bike — all are equipped with sturdy tires that are stable on rough roads and even snow! Book this tour and enjoy an exciting snow cycling experience!