Go-Kart Roppongi Tour in Tokyo


Love playing Mario Kart? Live your cosplay go-karting dreams with this guided Tokyo go-kart tour. Suit up in your favorite character costume and zoom through the bustling streets of Tokyo in a customized go-kart!


  • Blast your favorite driving playlist through powerful portable speakers
  • Drive a customized go-kart in Tokyo, like a real-life video game character
  • Explore worry-free with a tour guide driver, free GPS, and complete safety gear
  • Stand out in funky go-karting character costumes
  • Take Instagram-worthy snaps in front of Tokyo’s iconic landmarks

Key Information

Important Information

• Nintendo costumes are not available. If you wish to wear one, please bring your own • Not all guides are fluent in English; they may communicate with you using a translation app • Please wear helmets during the tour • If there are more than 10 people per group, the group will be divided into different tours • Only single-seat karts are available • A real IDP can be bought from the AAA (US only) at only 20 USD. Please do not opt for an invalid fake IDP, which you cannot use. We will not accept guests carrying fake IDPs • In case of rain, please note the following: - You can reschedule for free - You can do a short course, but the price is the same - We cannot provide rainwear, please bring your own if needed - It is refundable if you contact us an hour before the start time Eligibility to Participate - Participants must be able and eligible to drive in Japan - Participants must bring one of the following sets of valid documents to join this tour and receive any refund (in case of cancellation): 1. Passport; driver's license; and [International Driving Permit (IDP) based on the 1949 Geneva Convention on Road Traffic](#note-1949). IDPs based on the 1968 Vienna Convention are not valid 2. Passport; driver's license from Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Monaco, Slovenia, Switzerland, or Taiwan; and, an official Japanese translation provided by the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF), or by the issuing country’s embassy or consulate in Japan where offered 3. SOFA Driver's License 4. Japanese Driver's License Validity of License & IDP - Please make sure that your license is valid for use in Japan. You may refer to the following website: https://rakuten-travelexp.net/kart-drivers-license - The validity of your license will be determined based on this website - If you do not bring a valid license, you cannot join the tour and receive any refund - Guests who bring fake, invalid, and/or expired IDPs and those without IDPs will not receive any refund (in case of cancellation) Driving & Tour Rules - The following are not allowed while driving: - Racing, drifting, and driving erratically or side-by-side - Deliberate bumping or collision with any objects, including other go-karts - Throwing items into the street or at other drivers - Taking photos or videos, and using mobile phones - If any of the following rules above are violated, disobeying guests will be asked to discontinue the tour and will receive no refund - The tour will proceed regardless of rain or snow - The tour route may change depending on traffic, weather, and other conditions on the day - In case of accidents, the tour will be discontinued


Forget leisurely walks and casual cycling — take to the streets on an eye-catching, custom go-kart, and experience a whole new way of sightseeing in Tokyo! Tour the vibrant capital in a superstar go-karting outfit, dressed up as your favorite superhero or video game character. Top off your funky costume with safety gear (helmet, mask, gloves, and glasses), and you're ready! Start your engines, blast your favorite tunes through loudspeakers, then set out from our garage in Roppongi. Explore Tokyo's iconic landmarks and most Instagrammable spots for one or two hours, led by a tour guide-driver and GPS navigation. If you're driving with your friends or family, stay connected with wireless communication devices, available to rent at the store. Choose the 'Tokyo Tower Course' to go around Tokyo's Minato Ward, including the iconic Tokyo Tower. Alternatively, choose the 'Extended Course,' and your guide-driver will take you around Harajuku, Shibuya Scramble Crossing, and Roppongi, including Tokyo Tower. Don't miss out on an exciting, must-do experience in Japan — book now!

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