Forest Therapy Overnight Retreat in Nagano


Retreat to the forests of Nagano Prefecture's Shinano Town for an overnight program of holistic relaxation. With lodging, meals, and therapeutic activities that help you become one with nature, you'll be able to de-stress and rejuvenate yourself.


  • De-stress with an overnight retreat held in a tranquil forest
  • Recharge with seven healing forest therapy experiences, led by a guide
  • Craft your own aromatherapy products or relax with a yoga session
  • Stay in a comfortable lodging surrounded by nature
  • Experience blissful relaxation in Japan’s National Parks

Key Information

Important Information

• Depending on the day, an English-speaking guide may not be available. In this case, an interpreter will accompany you as well • Breakfast includes drinks; if you want one for dinner, please order and pay in cash or by card at your lodging • Pick-up and drop-off at Kurohime Station is available upon request • Vegetarian meals are available upon request • Room types (single, couple, family, etc.) vary according to the lodging • The maximum number of guests that can stay in one room varies according to the lodging • Lunch for day 2 is not provided; you may have lunch at nearby restaurants • Aromatherapy product making and yoga are available as add-ons for day 2 • The tour ends on day 2, but you may extend your stay if you wish; please book the extended lodging add-on For aromatherapy product making add-on: • You may take home your finished aromatherapy product • The instructor does not speak English; you’ll be provided an English-language instruction manual instead Activity Rules - This tour is open to guests of all ages - Infants less than 1 year old may come free of charge - Children aged 0–11 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian - For the add-ons (aromatherapy product making and yoga), a minimum of 2 participants is required - For the add-ons, participants must be aged 6 or above - Your lodging is pre-selected; you will not be able to choose - We will not cancel the tour due to light rain - In case of prior cancellation due to inclement weather or other factors, we’ll inform you the day before to refund - If the activity is canceled midway at the discretion of your medical trainer, no refund will be issued - Insurance only covers the forest therapy experience; please arrange for your own insurance for the rest of the program Please understand that in booking this activity, we may share your booking information (but without individually identifiable data) to the Ministry of the Environment, with which this activity is affiliated. By making a booking, you signify that you agree to these terms.


Stressed out? Escape the urban jungle and head to Shinano Town in Nagano Prefecture for the ultimate relaxation: a retreat in the woods. On this overnight program, heal yourself with calming activities in the heart of Shinano’s Iyashi no Mori (Healing Forest) — plus, get a comfortable night’s stay, as well as complimentary breakfast and dinner. The program begins in the afternoon, with optional pick-up from Kurohime Station to Iyashi no Mori. You may also head straight to the venue on your own if you wish. Then, check into your lodging and meet your English-speaking medical trainer, who will brief you on your retreat’s activity lineup. You’ll then have dinner at your lodging. Enjoy your free time afterward, and get a good night’s sleep for the next day’s activities. Start your second day with breakfast at your lodging. Then, it’s time for the highlight of this retreat: the forest therapy experience. Calming and deeply restorative, forest therapy is an increasingly popular healing practice based on the scientific evidence that spending time in forests is beneficial to one’s physical and mental health. A form of mindfulness, this meditative Japanese practice (called ‘shinrin-yoku,’ meaning “forest bathing”) calls you to immerse yourself in the powerful tranquility of the forest and allow its beauty to heal you. Shinano Town has long championed forest therapy. It’s the first town in Japan to conduct medical research on the mental and physical healing effects of forest environments. Proven benefits include lowered blood pressure, reduced stress, and a boosted immune system. Go deep into the forest. With a professional medical trainer as your guide, take a relaxing tour around Shinano’s healing woods. Just a stroll around the woods alone is relaxing enough, but as part of your retreat, you’ll participate in seven forest therapy-related activities: Tanden-Style Deep Breathing Deep breathing is the perfect meditative practice to de-stress and to de-escalate heightened negative emotions. While seemingly menial, controlling your breath is not easy; consciously inhaling and exhaling with measured pace requires intense focus. For this activity, you’ll practice tanden-style deep breathing exercises. ‘Tanden’ refers to the area of your lower abdomen — your body’s physical center of gravity, which is also believed to be a central field of energy. You’ll be able to strengthen your physical core, and at the same time, ground yourself and focus on the present. Hydrotherapy In this water therapy experience, you’ll soak your feet in water and let your muscles relax. Not only does this relieve any pain or tension in your feet, but it also promotes circulation — perfect for people who are always on the go! Harmony Therapy Align your mind and body by doing yoga poses in the forest — or just take a stroll, if you like. By focusing on what you’re doing and the blissful silence of your natural surroundings, you can free yourself from other worries and simply be in the moment. Phytotherapy Meaning “plant therapy,” this experience uses organic products — medicinal plants, essential oils, and locally produced ingredients — to treat any pains you have, or simply make you feel good. For instance, you’ll use a natural insect repellent or relieve insect bites with medicinal herbs. Fingernail Massage Therapy Rooted in the Fukuda-Abo theory — which highlights the close relationship between the nervous and immune systems — this fingernail massage will treat your aches and pains. This theory holds that the nerves at the base of your fingernails are connected to other nerves in your system. And so, massaging your fingernails is believed to help “activate” your body. “The Forest Can Be Your Counselor” This activity combines a walk through the forest with meditation. Stroll around the forest and find your spot, then meditate there for 10–15 minutes. Reflect and have a quiet conversation with the forest. Allow its sights, sounds, and ambience to awaken your senses. By spending some quiet time in the forest, you can transform your state of mind and even improve your mood. After this activity, you’ll feel calmer, more positive, and more content. Nature Observation Pay closer attention to the blessings of the forest. Strolling around with a professional naturalist as your guide, you’ll learn about the area’s various plants. By becoming more familiar with your surroundings, you can forge a connection with nature and an appreciation that goes beyond appearances. This shift in perspective is healing in its own right. Your program ends at 12 noon, after which you’ll head back to Kurohime Station, either on your own or via a free drop-off service. Alternatively, take some additional activities to extend your forest therapy experience — make an aromatherapy product, or join a yoga session. For the former, what you’ll make will vary depending on the season and other factors. You might make a scented sachet or some aromatic water. Meanwhile, for yoga, you’ll be provided a yoga mat and guided by a guru as you do some stretching. Depending on the weather conditions on the day, you’ll do it in a quiet area indoors or outside, in the woods. Through this immersive retreat in Shinano’s healing forests, you can truly feel the transformative power of nature’s beauty: improved health and a clearer mind.

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