The Granada of Isabella the Catholic Private Tour


Granada’s story is deeply entwined with that of Isabella I of Castile. Join this private guided tour to discover how Granada left its mark on Queen Isabella, how she shaped the city’s destiny and the evidence that remains throughout the city.


  • Learn about the history of Queen Isabella from a passionate and expert local guide
  • Enjoy lively conversation with your guide in English or Spanish
  • Follow the Queen’s footsteps through Granada and discover her love for the city
  • Sate your curiosity through the historical knowledge of your personal guide

Key Information

Important Information

• We require the full names of all guests to process your booking • This tour involves walking: please wear comfortable shoes • We can adapt this tour on request to cater to people with impaired mobility, though wheelchair users will be unable to access the tomb of the Catholic Queen • We recommend baby carriers for any infants; the route may be difficult for strollers • You may require a cellphone with headphones to communicate with your guide in some cases; your guide will inform you in advance


Queen Isabella the Catholic was one of the most important figures in Spanish history — from her role in unifying the Iberian kingdoms to the conquest of Granada to her support of Christopher Columbus and his expeditions of discovery to the Americas. Isabella was a queen with a strong personality who marked the destiny of Granada — a city that in turn left its mark on the monarch herself. On this tour, you’ll discover how the queen left her personal mark on Granada. Architecturally, for example, the first town hall in the city was created by Isabella herself. You’ll learn of the unshakable faith of the queen, which drove her efforts to make Granada a Christian city. And you’ll learn about her general Gonzalo Fernández de Córdova, the "Great Captain," architect of Granada’s conquest. The historic monuments in Granada tied to Queen Isabella’s story are many and varied. Expect to explore such places as the Madrasa of Granada, the Royal Chapel, the Cuarto Real de Santo Domingo, the Captaincy General of Granada, the Convent of the Comendadoras de Santiago, or the Church of Santo Domingo.

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