Explore the samurai legacy of Nagoya with a private guide


In this one-day walking tour you will explore the highlights of Nagoya city and discover the rich historical legacy of the samurai era. You will visit Nagoya Castle, Osu Kannon Temple, as well as the modern Sakae area!


  • Visit the best highlights of Nagoya city in a private guided tour
  • Discover the legacy of Japan's three famous samurai warlords at Nagoya Castle
  • Stroll the quaint Osu Shopping District and see the splendid Osu Kannon Temple
  • Taste Nagoya's delicacies at Sakae area's Oasis 21
  • Get introduced to traditional and pop-culture places in Nagoya

Key Information

Important Information

Please select a starting time for this tour when you book. Wearing comfortable walking shoes is strongly recommended.


Nagoya is Japan's fourth largest city, conveniently located along the Tokaido Shinkansen bullet train line. More than just a transportation hub, Nagoya fascinates visitors with its unique combination of rich historical legacy and high-tech industrial development. The coexistence of old monuments and modern-day districts creates a specific atmosphere that summarizes the best of the varied experiences Japan offers to foreign visitors. In Nagoya you can hop between the centuries while casually walking around the city's central area. Here you can not only visit famous sightseeing spots, but also see the life of local people and learn much about Japan's history and traditions. In this one-day walking tour you will visit Nagoya's best known attractions with a professional guide. You will be introduced to the highlights of Nagoya Castle, Sakae downtown area, and Osu district. At the end of the day you will know a lot more about Japan's samurai history and the lifestyle of local people. Below is the itinerary of the tour. Please note that the time schedule is suggested and you can start the tour at a later time as well. 8:50 - Pick up from Nagoya Station's Tourism Information Office, then take the subway to Nagoya Castle 9:45 - See Nagoya Castle, a wonderful masterpiece of Japanese medieval architecture, famous for its golden roof ornaments and unique scroll paintings inside the recently renovated main palace. After strolling around the spacious castle complex, you will take the subway to Nagoya's heart, Sakae district. 11:00 - 13:00 - Explore Sakae's downtown area and visit the futuristic-looking landmark Oasis 21 where you will find plenty of restaurants and shops. Have lunch and taste delicious local specialties. See Nagoya TV Tower before taking the subway to your next destination. 13:00 - Go to Osu Shopping District and enter various local shops along the roof-covered arcade, including green tea shops, pachinko parlors, maid cafes, and pop-culture shops. You will also visit the splendid Osu Kannon Temple that stands at the end of the arcade. 15:30 - End of the tour

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