Explore Omishima and Okunojima in Ehime Prefecture


Discover the beauty of Omishima Island and explore Oyamazumi Shrine and Ikoi-no-le. Try local organic farming and visit a local organic brewery. Visit Okunojima (Rabbit Island), play with adorable bunnies and cruise by Tatara Bridge.


  • Drop by a local brewery and try locally produced beer
  • Enjoy a trip to Rabbit Island and see Tatara Bridge
  • Explore Omishima with an English-speaking guide
  • Take in the breathtaking scenery of Omishima and Usagijima
  • Experience local organic farming and cooking

Key Information

Important Information

A van will be used for big groups (3–6 people) while a car is used for smaller groups (2 people) - This activity requires a minimum of 2 people - Only guests aged 20 and above can purchase alcohol at the brewery - Guests aged 0–19 will be served citrus juice - Only one glass of beer per guest. If you want more, please purchase directly at the brewery


The Geiyo Islands is known as the Islands of the Spirits and the Islands of Treasures. It is home to Oyamazumi Shrine and various other national treasures. Omishima is the largest of the islands. Historically, the territory was controlled by Murakami pirates who protected the island. In this activity, you can choose from two options: Explore Omishima only or Okunojima and Omishima. Explore Omishima option: You’ll experience local organic farming and savor a delicious lunch made from home-grown vegetables which you will harvest yourself. Afterward, you’ll get to visit Ikoi-no-le, a wooden house that was formerly an elementary school. The building was designed by Toyo Ito architecture cram school. Toyo Ito is known for his innovative designs that show the relationship between the physical and virtual worlds. Ito was awarded the prestigious Pritzker Prize in 2013. Stroll around Oyamazumi Shrine where worshipers pray for success in battle since ancient times. The shrine houses 80% of Japan’s military artifacts, most of which are designated cultural and national treasures in the Treasure Hall. The shrine’s grandeur design filled with revered camphor trees, some dating back to 3,000 years. Inside the shrine, there is also a tree known as Ikiki-no-gomon, literally translated to “gate made from a living tree.” This massive tree is about 3,000 years old and is a designated Natural Monument. Before the day ends, try and enjoy some local craft beer at Omishima Brewery. The owners renovated an old house and transformed it into a brewery. They use locally produced fruits to make their beers offering you an authentic taste of Ominishima. Explore Okunojima and Omishima option: Enjoy your time in Okunojima, also informally known as Rabbit Island. Play with an army of cute bunnies roaming the island freely before seeing Tatara Bridge by boat. The bridge connects Ehime and Hiroshima Prefectures. The bridge's cables resemble a fan and the entire bridge looks like a bird spreading its wings. After cruising over Tatara Bridge, you'll head to Omishima and do activities similar to the ones included in the Omishima option except for visiting the Omishima Brewery.

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