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Get e-tickets for ArtScience Museum Singapore, an interactive museum that fuses art, science, culture, and technology! Located at Marina Bay Sands, this one-of-a kind museum is best known for its Future World exhibition of cutting-edge digital art, created in collaboration with Japan's teamLab.


  • A one-of-a-kind immersive experience — ArtScience Museum Singapore is the world's first ArtScience Museum
  • A harmonious fusion of art, science, culture, and technology — see how science and technology come together to create digital art
  • Flexible tickets: book now, and redeem your ticket any time within 1 year
  • Join talks, screenings, tours, workshops, and other events that switch up regularly
  • Explore 1,500 square meters of immersive art and science exhibits at the Future World exhibition, created in collaboration with Japan's teamLab

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Important Information

• Digital Light Canvas is located in the Northern Wing of the Marina Bay Sands Shoppes mall, a two-minute walk from ArtScience Museum Singapore • Please note that during peak hours, a queue may still be expected at the exhibition entrance – you will be allowed into the exhibition as soon as can be accommodated (ordering tickets online is the best way to reduce waiting time) • All visitors to ArtScience Museum Singapore must undergo temperature screening and submit a short travel declaration form with their contact details before entering the museum


Attack On Titan: The Exhibition Available Feb 19 – Jul 3 Step into a world where humanity is on the brink of extinction. Written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama, Attack on Titan is a dark fantasy manga and anime series set in a dystopian world where the last humans are battling giant, man-eating humanoids. Get an introduction to the rich characters, themes, and intricate worldbuilding of this worldwide phenomenon at Attack on Titan: The Exhibition, now at the ArtScience Museum only until July 3, 2022. The manga series Attack on Titan began serialization in 2009. It has since unraveled into an elaborate saga, spawned live-action film adaptations, and sold over 100 million copies in print. The manga’s recent conclusion after an 11-year publication run marked the end of an era. The fourth and final season of the Attack on Titan anime series which started in 2013 also coincides with the run of the exhibition. Organized by SpaceLogic and presented at ArtScience Museum, Attack on Titan: The Exhibition’s first presentation in Southeast Asia is a culmination of Isayama’s master storytelling and artistic vision over the past 13 years. The exhibition features more than 150 artworks by the artist, spanning the manga's earliest days to the present. You will also get to see new, never-been-displayed pieces, as well as drafts and sketches from his archives. Enter Isayama's sprawling dystopia, experience an immersive battle sequence set in the Great Titan Theatre, and see displays of Titans, characters, and objects from the manga. Don't miss it — book your tickets to the exhibition now! ------ ArtScience Museum Singapore is not your ordinary art museum, and it's not your ordinary science museum either. At this cutting-edge museum in Singapore's upscale Marina Bay Sands area, art, culture, and technology come together to create interactive digital art installations. ArtScience Museum Singapore is a unique experience that leads visitors on an interactive, immersive journey. It's best known for its iconic Future World exhibition, created in collaboration with teamLab — Japan's digital art experts — in their first permanent exhibition outside of Japan. Future World's story unfolds through four key narratives: "City in A Garden," "Sanctuary," "Park," and "Space." These narratives are the sections that Future World is divided into; all four feature digital artworks that are meant to be a multi-sensory experience. Here, art installations created through sophisticated science and technology react to guests' presence — their movements, actions, gestures, and more. For example, at the dazzling Crystal Universe, a seemingly infinite number of tiny LED lights react to guests' mass and movements. Meanwhile, at the Sketch Town installation, guests can draw a picture and watch it transform into a 3D animated object — a new addition to the digital town — after scanning it. And, at the Park zone, guests can unleash their inner composer as giant illuminated beach balls change color and sound in response to touch. Future World aside, ArtScience Museum Singapore also hosts an ever-changing array of special exhibitions, showcasing classical art, contemporary art, design, architecture, historical artifacts from other leading museums around the world, science, and even popular culture. In one gallery space, you might see art from centuries past; in another, an exhibit dedicated to Japanese manga. What's more, throughout the year, ArtScience Museum Singapore also holds various talks, screenings, tours, workshops, and other events. After visiting ArtScience Museum, why not head over to Digital Light Canvas as well? Also located within the Marina Bay Sands complex, this is another teamLab creation. Consisting of 401,280 LED lights, this 20-meter-high light sculpture took two years to develop. Stand on an interactive LED floor, and watch with wonder as the display changes from animated crystal fireworks to thousands of fish swimming beneath your feet. ArtScience Museum Singapore is the first of its kind in the world, so book now for an experience like no other — we recommend booking the ArtScience Museum and Digital Art Canvas bundle!

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1. After your booking is confirmed, please secure your desired visit date and timeslot at prior to your visit. Guests booking a timeslot via the website link are required to log in to their existing account on ArtScience Museum Singapore’s ticketing platform or register for a new patron account 2. On the day of your visit, present both the timeslot booking confirmation and your e-ticket(s) for verification checks prior to entry. Please note that in the event you do not secure a timeslot in advance, you may be required to wait for the next available timeslot or risk not being able to enter the exhibition(s) due to maximum capacity

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