Experience 1 day Kendo tour with Samurai lunch in Tokyo


Have a taste of a real samurai experience through the lens of Japanese traditional martial arts call Kendo. We provide 1-day tour services in Tokyo: Kendo experience activity, special samurai lunch at a Kendo restaurant, visiting Kendo gear factory.


  • Kendo experience in Tokyo
  • Special Samurai lunch
  • Visiting a Kendo gear factory

Key Information

Important Information

・Please follow the guide’s instruction during the program. We shall not be responsible for any accident caused by disregard for the instructions. ・The Dojo or Training place is sacred place for Samurai training, please do not make unnecessary noise and touch things without being instructed. ・The amount of time allocated for the Tour is only an approximation, the whole program might require more or less time depending on situations, hence please ensure you have enough time to participate in this Tour without rushing. ・The service provided by this Tour will only be conduct in English and Japanese only. ・Please bring or wear loose fitted exercise clothing. (This is in case there is no size for gi and hakama or not enough uniforms to be provide, we may need to ask you to practice using your own personal cloth) ・Shower rooms are provided, please bring your own towel and change of clothing. ・If you have any inquiries, do send us a message and we will provide our service as best as possible. ・For participants using glasses or spectacles. Please be informed due to difficulty of wearing head protector and possibility of damages to spectacles, it is not advisable to wear glass or spectacles during wearing the kendo head armor. Please bring contact lenses.


Duration: 6 hours Available hours 9:00 am or 10:00 am Venue Mainly in Tokyo’s 23 wards (because of different location by the schedule, please contact us at the time of booking) Meeting Point JR Uguisudani Station North Gate (Tokyo) Minimum Number of Participants :2 persons(Negotiable) This is a unique 1-day tour in which you can immerse yourself in the world of traditional Kendo and samurai! The tour consists of the following experiences: 1) Kendo experience With over 20 years of Kendo experience, Keio University Kendo club graduate Japanese Kendo practitioner and Malaysian Kendo representatives will help you learn and experience authentic Kendo while great fun and safely. We will guide beginners thoroughly until they can have a taste of combat game or match. Have a taste of a real “battle” and bring forth the fighting. You will be tested and will have the chance to test what you have learn during the tour through “Balloon Kendo” with other participants in a mini-tournament format. 2) Special Samurai lunch After the Kendo experience, we'll take you to have lunch at a Kendo-themed restaurant. We provide a special samurai meal and Kendo/Samurai goods. You can enjoy the taste of Japanese traditional dishes and atmosphere. 3) Visiting a Kendo gear factory "Bogu", the armour suit used in KENDO, is a traditional craft that has been passed on for generations in Japan for over a century. A guide will first introduce you to the principles and ideals of the Samurai and Kendo which will be followed by a tour to the traditional armour workshop where the craft has been passed on in the family for many generations. Let's all experience the "Samurai Spirit" and feel "the heart of the craftsmen"! Model schedule, starting at 8:40 am: 8:40 am: Meeting at Uguisudani Station North exit 9:00 am-11:00 am: Kendo experience (at Uguisudani) 12:00 pm-13:00 pm: Lunch at a Kendo restaurant (at Ikebukuro) 14:00 pm-15:00 pm: Visiting Kendo gear factory (at Nishishinjuku gochome) Model schedule, starting at 9:40 am: 9:40 am: Meeting at Uguisudani Station North exit 10:00 am-12:00 pm: Kendo experience (at Uguisudani) 13:00 pm-14:00 pm: Lunch at a Kendo restaurant (at Ikebukuro) 15:00 pm-16:00 pm: Visiting Kendo gear factory (at Nishishinjuku gochome)

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