Kyoto Late Afternoon Izakaya 101


Once home to nobility, Kyoto takes pride in its haute cuisine, but an izakaya is an essential stop if you want to dine as the locals do. In this tour, you will learn about Kyoto’s food culture as you try local eats and drinks in an izakaya!


  • Experience the quintessential way locals unwind in Japan
  • Try Kyoto-style sake and pub grub in a 100-year-old izakaya
  • Get a not-in-the-guidebooks introduction to Kyoto’s izakaya and food culture
  • Learn all you need to know to enjoy Japanese izakaya on your own

Key Information

Important Information

• You must be aged 20 or above to participate in this tour • This minimum number of participants is 2, and the maximum, 5. If the minimum is not reached, the tour will be canceled and you will be contacted in advance and given a refund


After you’ve done the temple hop, gawked at the bamboo forest, and splurged on a kaiseki meal, it’s time to pretend you’re not a tourist. The best way? Drop in at an izakaya with a local guide, and explore a side of Kyoto culture usually only privy to locals. Ubiquitous across Japan, izakaya are Japanese gastropubs for casual bites and alcoholic drinks, well-loved and frequented by locals for their charming informality and knockabout quality. You won’t find this experience in guidebooks — in this late afternoon activity, you will spend two hours learning about all things izakaya with a guide at MAO, a 100-year-old izakaya in a Kyo-Machiya (traditional townhouse). A cup of sake will be served as soon as you arrive to kick off your izakaya 101 experience. Over the next two hours, you will enjoy a selection of appetizers and Kyoto-brewed sake, while your guide shares stories about Kyo-Machiya-style izakaya culture as well as knowledge about Japanese sake and food in Kyoto. By the end of the tour, you will gain all the knowledge you need about Kyoto’s contemporary food culture, plus useful tips for choosing and ordering food and drinks in any izakaya — so you can go ahead to try other local foods in confidence!

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