Osaka Market Food Tour


Enjoy a guided tour through the famous Kuromon Market to learn more about its history and get to know the local products that make this a special place to visit. You will not only learn about Kuromon Market but also get an insider’s’ perspective on the culture, local people, food, and the Osakan way of life.


  • Sample fresh seafood, wagyu beef skewers, and other treats.
  • Explore this historic market that is “Osaka’s Kitchen” famous for fish, and other delicious seasonal ingredients and dishes.
  • Hear about Osaka’s typical cuisine and culture as you explore.
  • This market has a great energy and welcomes locals and tourists together.
  • Discover Osaka’s “Kitchen town” and learn more about plastic food.

Key Information

Important Information

We recommend wearing comfortable shoes for walking. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the restaurant caters to any allergies. Please tell the tour guide if you have any food allergy. Tour will start on time. If ever the guest/s fail to arrive at the meeting point after 10-15 mins from the starting time of the tour, the tour will leave without them. Passport information copy is required for kids 10 and above.


During your market tour you will have a chance to try high-quality, seasonal fish, produce, and beef. Try Osaka’s most famous street foods and enjoy the colorful sights and sounds around the lively vendor stalls. The market has a special energy that welcomes both visitors and locals and there is something new to see and experience every month of the year. After finishing in the main market area, go with your guide to nearby Sennichimae Doguyasuji, Osaka’s “Kitchen town.” You can see cooking tools and equipment crucial to Osaka’s chefs and restaurateurs. Everything kind of Japanese kitchen item you could want can be found here – knives, bowls, takoyaki grills, neon signs, plastic food, utensils, appliances, and much more. The plastic food is a special feature here. Called “Food samples” this tradition originated in Japan more than 100 years ago, when some entrepreneurial restaurateurs started to display wax and later plastic food dishes outside their shops to show diners what they can expect. Find your own perfect plastic sushi or other dishes as a unique souvenir of your trip to Osaka!

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