Add Your Own Unique Design to an Arita Porcelain Coffee Mug


In this casual activity, you will become a designer for a day and decorate your own porcelain coffee mug. Using the simple technique of transfer printing, choose from available patterns to create a design for your coffee mug.


  • Create a unique design for a porcelain coffee mug in Arita
  • Use your imagination and try various combinations of transfer printing
  • Visit Kouraku Kiln, where artists from all over the world collaborate
  • Receive the guidance of an experienced local potter
  • Have a relaxing coffee break with Arita ware

Key Information

Important Information

• Please pay for shipping in cash on the day; the finished coffee mug will reach your address in 1–2 months after firing one more time • During the coffee break you will use a different mug from the one you made • Kouraku Kiln also offers a treasure-hunting game (separate fee required), in which you can search for and purchase anything you like from the kiln's huge Arita ware collection (cash only; payment on-site) • The activity is open to guests aged 7 or older • Children aged 0–6 may accompany guests for free


Arita ware is a highly appraised type of Japanese porcelain. At Kouraku Kiln, which often welcomes artists who are interested in Arita ware, you can take part in a fun, easy-to-join activity in English! This modern kiln has developed special porcelain designs. This is your chance to take home a beautiful porcelain coffee mug that you decorated with transfer printing. Use any combination of paper prints to create an original design, and make your own souvenir of your trip to Arita! This tour is walkable, and includes a visit to the Kyushu Ceramic Museum. You’ll be guided by a Japanese-speaker from overseas, to better help you interact with and understand the artisans and citizens of Arita. In this way we aim to meet the diverse needs of our guests — please feel free to consult with us.

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