Embark on a Delicious Osaka Night Food Tour


Experience an unforgettable stroll through the historical markets and food streets of Osaka and spend an afternoon like the locals of Japan's 3rd largest city!


  • Explore of the shrines and beautifully lit areas on the streets of Namba
  • Enjoy Osaka’s specialty, kushikatsu
  • Eat like a local in small side streets and at a lively local izakaya (pub)
  • Get caught up in the energy of this wining and dining city
  • See why this is one of Japan’s most famous entertainment districts

Key Information

Important Information

- Minimum drinking age is 21 years - Passport information copy is required for kids 10 and above. - Tour starts at 5:00pm prompt, meeting time 4:45pm We’d like to remind you that the tour will start from 5:00pm sharp so please be there 10-15 minutes before the scheduled departure time. We have a strict policy about starting our tours on the scheduled time. If you are not able to arrive at the meeting point by the departure time, the tour will start regardless and no refund will be provided. We are also unable to accommodate meeting up in any of the food stops once you've missed the start of the tour, so make sure to go to the correct start location in good time.


This 3-hour Osaka night food tour will take you on an unforgettable eating excursion through the busy streets and the hidden, less frequented parts of Minami (South) Osaka. Starting on the the bright and busy Dotonbori area we will learn about Glico Man, a Filipino sprinter named Fortunato Catalon who inspired a nation and a company! Similar to Shibuya (its counterpart in Tokyo) the lights and sounds of Dotonbori often lead you astray to overly commercialized restaurants with queues of tourists outside. We want to take our guests to places they would certainly miss without a local's guidance. We will take secret alleys not long after we begin the tour toward the shrine tucked out of sight from the average passerby. We will sample 'kushikatsu', a local take on yakitori and we will surprise you with a Michelin rated street food stop for Osaka’s favorite snack – takoyaki! Next, travel down more narrow alleys and see some of the more unconventional restaurants and pubs. Your guide will then lead you to a local dinner spot. This shop is an izakaya – or local pub with seasonal dishes that will intrigue and delight. You will enjoy yakitori, sukiyaki, tempura, local veggies and 1 drink. This spot is very local, you will not find tourists here! Try a draft beer or nihonshu (rice wine) with your tasty meal. From there, we will show you a famous building full of hidden unorthodox bars, one after another. Every 5 feet there is a new door with a new adventure to be had. This area gives you the retro, artsy feel of a very hip and very unique cluster of bars. Finally finish off with a tasty local street food dessert! As you say farewell to your guide you can explore more on your own in this fascinating part of town.

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