Ride a tram & make Japanese traditional handicrafts in Tokyo


There are various kinds of traditional crafts in Japan. We will visit two workshops - the Japanese lantern or “Chochin’s workshop” and Hina-doll’s workshop, where you can try traditional handicrafts. We will use Tokyo's unique tram car to get there.


  • Make your own Japanese lantern by writing in traditional characters or drawing a picture.
  • Make your own card case with a luxury Nishijin-ori brocade.
  • Enjoy the tram ride between the two workshops.

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Important Information

Before booking, it is necessary to contact me at least one week before your preferred date and confirm if there is availability.


This is a 3-hour tour to traditional Japanese handicraft ateliers in Tokyo using the city's charming tram car. First we will go to the Japanese lantern workshop. Once there you can make your own original lantern by writing characters or drawing something you like on the surface of a lantern with a brush. You can write anything you like, but you won’t be able to write too much within the limited time. Many foreign visitors like to write their own name in Chinese characters. If this is the case, the craftsman can select Chinese characters that match your name. After all this creativity we’ll take a ride on the Toden tram. Toden, one of only two tram lines in Tokyo, operates in northern and eastern Tokyo, where it connects 28 stations between Minowabashi Station and Waseda Station. Currently there are six different types of tramcars running. After enjoying around 30 minutes of tram ride, we’ll visit another creative place, the Hina-doll workshop. There you can make a card case with a Nishijin-ori brocad, which is a silk fabric used for the Hina-dolls’ costumes. There you will also be able to see a craftsman making a Hina-doll. NOTES: ・This tour is held from mid April. to mid December. ・Before booking, it is necessary to contact me at least five days before your preferred date and confirm if there is availability. ・It is possible to accommodate up to four or five people at a time. ・Railway fare (except for the One-Day Ticket for the Toden-Tram) is not included.

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