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Rainforest Lumina — a twilight adventure in Southeast Asia's first multimedia night walk attraction, an interactive rainforest of mesmerizing audio-visual experiences. Book your flexible tickets now!


  • Embark on a nocturnal, multimedia adventure in an illuminated forest with magical light shows and high-tech audio-visual displays
  • Flexible tickets: book now and visit any time until February 13, 2022!
  • Prepare to be mesmerized as you encounter ten different zones designed to create greater awareness about the natural environment
  • Choose the Night Safari & Lumina bundle to maximize your wildlife night experience

Key Information

Important Information

- Proof of identity may be required for admission - Children aged 0–3 enter free - Lumina Tickets must be used on the same day they are redeemed at the Singapore Zoo ticket counter - For same-day reentry to Lumina, be sure to get your stamp from gantry staff


Rainforest Lumina is Southeast Asia’s first multimedia night-walk experience. On this interactive night walk at Singapore Zoo, take a journey with the Creature Crew through 10 multi-sensory zones with 4 interactive play elements, all designed to create greater awareness of the natural environment through each of the enthralling, interactive features along its path. Renewed for a 'Season 2' from June 14, 2019, look out for all-new visual effects on the treetop trails, upgrades to the Water and Fire areas, and a brand new show — Call of the Wild! Brought to you by Singapore Zoo and Moment Factory, Lumina is a kind of self-guided tour along an interactive, 1-kilometer trail, where visitors encounter the Creature Crew — a charismatic group of virtual animal heroes who invite you to join their fascinating adventure. Their motto is “We Are One”, and this reflects the Creature Crew’s belief that humans and animals can live in harmony with nature. Each of the Creature Crew also represents a different virtue which is expressed along the way on your magical night-time journey: • Maya the Orangutan — creativity • Waka the Pangolin — resilience • Bisou Bisou the Chameleon — passion • Bob the Otter — playfulness • Poncho the Flying Fox — generosity • Casquette & Collate the Hornbills — teamwork • Slip the Sloth — patience • Tairee the White Tiger — courage Prepare to be swept away by light shows and multisensory art, introducing you to a fantasy realm of laser beams, smoking doorways and swooping birds of prey. You'll be inspired to sing, laugh, and play, as you travel along the path because everyone has a role to play, even you. Hear the whispers of the rainforest, and witness it come to life as you follow the Creature Crew on a mission through their enchanted world of lights, virtual animals, and immersive play: • Arch — your journey begins here: pull the vines aside and watch the rainforest come to life. • Treetops — here, Tairee the courageous white tiger invites you to discover the world of the Creature Crew. • Garden of Virtues* — there are eight special virtues represented by each of the Creature Crew: here you'll choose one • Luminous Pathways — be mesmerized by the digital 'fireflies' dancing all around • Sing Like an Animal* — lend your voice to the creature crew and help them to magically regenerate the rainforest: choose the color that matches your wristband to see your Creature Crew companion • Call of the Wild — get inspired as each member of the Creature Crew works together to restore the beauty of their natural environment • Shimmering Islands* — an immersive experience awaits in this garden of glowing orchids that pulsate to music inspired by the local culture • Play Like an Animal* — embrace the playful nature of the Creature Crew and show off your wild side, as you connect with the members of the Creature Crew • Water — see Bob the Otter showcase his musical talent as he illuminates the rainforest with his aquatic orchestra of light • Wall of Fame* — be one with the Creature Crew: pledge to be a protector of the rainforest by taking a commemorative photo, and don't forget to download it after! *Interactive zone Although real animals are not a part of the experience, you are still sure to be drawn into the magic of Singapore Zoo as you venture through its illuminated rainforest. Singapore Zoo has a strong, international reputation for its conservation initiatives and this high-tech attraction represents a new chapter in its ongoing commitment to create unique and immersive wildlife experiences. Rainforest Lumina first opened its doors to the public in July 2018, and is located on the same grounds as Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari, but with separate access. The attraction is suitable for people of all ages and there will be plenty to see and do as you make your way through the forest. Rainforest Lumina is the result of a partnership between Singapore Zoo, which is managed by Wildlife Reserves Singapore, and Moment Factory, a world-renowned multimedia entertainment studio that specializes in the production of immersive environments.

How it works

1. After your booking is confirmed, you will receive a Collection Note with your confirmation email 2. Your Collection Note is valid till February 13, 2022, and is not your e-ticket 3. With the unique 8-digit code on your Collection Note, please secure your preferred time slot in advance at https://rakuten-travelexp.net/rainforest-lumina-singapore-timeslot before visiting the park 4. After securing your slot, you will be able to print or download your time slot-based e-ticket. Your ticket will come with a unique barcode. No changes to your time slot can be made from this point 5. On the day of your visit, please arrive no later than 45 minutes from your selected time slot. Present your e-ticket for entry. You may print your e-ticket or present it on your smartphone. If the park’s capacity has been reached, you may be required to wait for entry

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