Night Safari Singapore Ticket with Tram Ride


Step into a twilight world at Night Safari Singapore, where nocturnal beasts roam under the moonlight. Explore the world’s first night zoo and get up close to over 2,500 nocturnal animals. This ticket also includes a tram ride through the park!


  • See Asia's indigenous wildlife, including tigers, lions, and leopards, by night
  • Meet 900 animals from 100 species, of which more than 40% are threatened
  • Enjoy reserved entry to the park
  • Enjoy a tram ride through the park with English commentary

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This is a reserved entry ticket. Please choose your desired time and date as you book. Note: Your entry time or date may be subject to change. Please see the cancellation policy for more details. Before Booking - Please confirm that you have entered your email address correctly. We are unable to furnish refunds or cancellations if an e-ticket is delivered to the wrong address. On the Day - We'll send you a message through the Rakuten Travel Experiences website with instructions and guidance on the day of your visit. - Please book a date and timeslot here before visiting. ( • While there's no need to queue to buy tickets, you may need to queue to enter the park itself • Please arrive before the entry time stated on your ticket • Please note that the tram has a limited number of seats, and may be crowded at certain times


Get a whole new perspective on the mysteries of the animal kingdom at the Night Safari Singapore. Gear up for a journey into the jungle after sunset and join the dark side on the world’s first night-time animal safari. Set amid 40 hectares of jungle, the Singapore Night Safari is an open-air night zoo. You’ll experience a wildlife adventure like no other and be wowed by views of nocturnal creatures in their natural habitats under the moonlight and twinkling stars. The habitats are designed to simulate the animals’ native habitats and are illuminated with subtle moonglow lighting. The Night Safari also has a no-cage policy and is an open concept zoo, so you can see the inhabitants as they appear in the wild. Home to over 900 animals from 100 species, 41% of which are threatened, the Night Safari gives you a chance to get up close and personal with creatures large and small who come out to play after dusk. You’ll travel through discover 7 unique nocturnal zones – from the Nepalese River Valley to the Asian Rainforest – and see some of the world’s most exotic species including fearsome predators, primates, and cuddly marsupials. The best way to travel through the seven geographical zones is on the 40 minute long open-air guided tram. This moving escapade gives you the best seat in the house (or jungle) to observe the animals on the rugged foothills of the Himalayas and the deepest recesses of the Asian riverine forest. For a more intimate encounter with the wildlife, tread the paths of the Night Safari’s four walking trails - The Fishing Cat, The Leopard, The East Lodge and The Wallaby. The trails simulate nighttime treks through the jungles of Southeast Asia, the African savannah, and the Australian outback. Keep your eyes peeled for the fishing cat, barking deer, flying foxes, leopards, giraffes, tigers, hyenas of the laughing variety and free-ranging wallabies. During your visit, experience the live open-air shows, showcasing acrobatic animal demonstrations and spectacular tribal dance and pyrotechnics. The Creatures of the Night and Thumbuakar Performance shows add an extra dimension to your animal adventure with their display of animal talent, fire-eating, and tribal dances. Your tickets include boarding to the Night Safari Tram and tickets to the two live shows. You can also choose to include dinner at the Ulu Ulu restaurant – a restaurant within the night safari with a traditional village ambiance. The Singapore Night Safari’s geographical zone highlights include: Himalayan Foothills Explore the rocky terrain of the Himalayan foothills - surrounded by steep slopes, dry vegetation, and streams of mountain water. Keep an eye out for the Himalayan tahrs – wild mountain goats, markhors – the world’s largest wild goat, and mouflons – the ancestors of domestic sheep. Indian Subcontinent Discover the dense forests of India and find the only hyenas found in Asia – the striped hyena. Watch out also for the barasingha deer, the sloth bear and the Night Safari’s pride and joy – the endangered Gir lions. Whilst approximately only 300 Gir lions exist in the wild today, the Singapore Night Safari breeds them as part of its conservation efforts. Equatorial Africa Hop across the Indian ocean and find yourself in the grassy plains of Sub-Saharan Africa peppered with giraffes, zebras, hippopotamuses, and oryxes. As you delve further into the depths of the savannah, you’ll find laughing hyenas, African antelopes and Nile hippos. Indo-Malayan Region Head back to Asia to the lush rainforests and mangrove habitats of the Indonesian and Malayan regions. You’ll find wild boars and Malayan tigers roaming around the forests. Asian Riverine Forest The popular zone in Night Safari – the recreation of the rainforests of Southeast Asia sees free-roaming Malayan tapirs and Asian elephants – including the Night Safari’s mascot, a majestic bull elephant named Chawang. Nepalese River Valley In the picturesque river valleys of Nepal, you’ll spot deer, wolves, Saurus cranes and the greater Asian rhinoceros – another threatened species with less than 2,000 individuals left in the wild. Burmese Hillside Find yourself in the tropical rainforests of Burma where you’ll be surrounded by wild cattle, golden deer, Malayan tigers, and Asiatic black bears. The Malayan tiger is highly endangered with fewer than 500 left in the wild. The Asiatic black bear, too, is threatened with habitat destruction. Night Safari Walking Trails Fishing Cat Trail The fishing cat spends much of its time patiently stalking its prey from the edge of the riverbank before attacking in a lightning-quick move to catch fish from within the water. Other notable animals you’re likely to discover on this trail include the Indian gharials, the Sunda pangolin, common palm civets, and pelicans. Leopard Trail The popular trail in Night Safari, the Leopard Trail is all about the cats of Asia. Observe the Sri Lankan and clouded leopards scale trees and hang out (literally) in their naturalistic forested habitat. You’ll also get to see the endangered king of the jungle – the Gir lion. You’ll also be treated to sights of civets, slow loris’, giraffes, and zebras. East Lodge Trail This curious trail transports you from the jungles of Southeast Asia to the African Savannah. See the endangered Malayan tiger and Sulawesi babirusa living alongside African antelopes and servals. Wallaby Trail The trek ends with a stroll through the Australian outback and one of the few free-ranging wallaby walk-through enclosures in Asia. The adorable wallabies, the kangaroo’s smaller cousins, are undoubtedly the star of the show on this trail. Night Safari Live Shows Thumbuakar Show This Borneo tribal dance performance literally lights up the night sky. The Thumbuakar warriors show off their high energy moves, fire-eating skills and pyrotechnic stunts in a spectacular choreographed show. Visitors can be a part of the experience alongside the Thumbuakar warriors on stage and join in all the frenetic, fiery action. Creatures of the Night Show Talented nocturnal residents also take center stage with a mesmerizing masterclass of animal athleticism. Billed as the main highlight of a Night Safari visit, entertaining stunts and humorous skits are performed by a succession of mammals and reptiles in an action-packed 20-minute performance. It features a collection of weird and wonderful creatures including the spotted hyena, civet, raccoon, African serval, and otters delighting the crowd with their tricks.

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